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New Products!!

This week we are excited to tell you about a few of our awesome new products; our damask cases and our portable phone chargers.
The damask case is one of our most stylish cases to date, and is on a hard case, for all of us that just can’t go a day without dropping our beloved iPhone. The design comes in a number of different colours, including black, white, gold, pink and purple, in any colour this case gleams style and sophistication, and we love it!!
But what’s the point of getting yourself this gorgeous new case if your phone always dies by midday anyway? Well, we’ve got this covered; treat yourself to one of our new portable power bank chargers. With this portable charger you’ll never have to sacrifice the length of your snapchat story, or be out of the loop from your Facebook and twitter feed, let alone miss out on all the selfie ops ever again. I just answered all your mobile dreams didn’t I? I know.


We all know that now its summer our feeds will be dripping awesome selfies, and you always want yours to be better than anyone else’s. So make your summer selfies better by investing in one of our button activated selfie sticks, these are a must have for this season, to get the perfect vacation or even staycation pics that will make everyone else jealous.


 For those of you who just love your own photography too much to have anything else on your phone case, check out our customised phone cases, now you can put any images you want onto our hard cases.
Well I hope that with the help of our great new products you’ll all be able to make the most of this heatwave and let the summer selfies begin.

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