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Celeb summer festivals with Zing Cases

It is summertime and all the festivals have begun, and for those of us that can’t be there, what do we do? Stalk everyone who is, from our friends to celebs. And this week our festival BFF envy strikes from gorgeous models Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. Hitting two festivals in one day starting in London music festival, Hyde park and ending up dancing to Kendalls brother in law Yeezus himself, Kanye West at Glastonbury. The BFF’s got matching friendship tattoo’s back in December (I guess a bracelet just wasn’t enough) and now its festival season, they are sporting matching CaKe tour tee’s (CaKe being the first two letters of each of their names, these girls are just too cute).


We couldn’t help but notice however, Kendalls phone was bare, uncovered from all the dancing and festival happenings, maybe the girls are in need of matching zing cases to protect their phones from the season, and we feel that our clear triangle design screen protector cover will do just the job for fashions most high profile BFF models. This case would keep to their simple but chic look, not being too busy with no complicated design the triangular pattern is a fashion forward case and would not only go with the girls festival get up but also will go with their everyday style, and without having a bulky case, which the girls are obviously avoiding.

Despite being green with envy, this festival weekend may be just what the girls needed as both have been crazy busy this week Kendall has been ruling the runway(as she does) at Paris men’s fashion week, whereas Cara has been promoting her upcoming film Paper Towns (so excited for this to come out). And what better way to let loose than to appear on stage with Taylor Swift in Hyde Park then dance the night away to Kanye at Glastonbury, who during his performance declared himself “The greatest living rock star on the planet”. The party did not end for the girls after Kanye’s performance, the backstage party continued till late, the girls being pictured with Kendall’s sister Kim and the girls’ other model BFF Gigi Hadid, still looking stunning after their incredibly busy day, leaving just one question, how do they get their make up to stay like that all in festival season? If anyone knows the answer (without having a pro make-up artist) please inform me….please.

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