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New Products!!

This bank holiday we have some exciting news here at Zing cases. New Cases!! Our Geometric Mandala range are the perfect case for back to school, or university. The range comes in two different colours, an elegant green and blue, and a beautiful pink and purple both with an intricate design.

We also take this opportunity to remind you of some of our newer products. The monogram range are three different cases, the colours of all of which a perfect to take you into this autumn season.  The pattern will also perfectly match the tribal/aztec fashion trend, key for this autumn.

Another one of our great cases, is our incredibly popular Damask range, the elegant design comes in 5 different colours, black, pink, purple, gold and silver. This case is perfect for both the office and for nights out.

Now the perfect case is useless if your phone dies on your days out this Autumn, so why not get yourself one of our portable power banks. With one of our power banks you’ll never have to limit your selfie taking, music listening or phone calling when out an about, as soon as you’re running low all you need to do is plug yourself back in and in no time at all your battery will be back to full power!!

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