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Text Camera!

Once again we have been scouring the app store to find another amazing app to share with you. This week we have kept in the photography theme that we have acquired over the past few weeks to bring you an app that will help you create Insta and even tumblr ready pics.

What is the name of this newly found app? I hear you ask, well the app is called text camera, and it does a lot more than what it says on the tin. First of all you can either select one of your previous images, or take a new one using the camera, and apply a filter, by swiping left or right. As always this is a free app, however more filters etc. are available through the use of coins, which can either be purchased, or earned by doing quick and easy activities such as liking the official app page on Facebook.

Once you’ve chosen your pic and filter we can start to bring the app to its full glory. If you tap the pencil in the bottom right corner a number of options will appear. The first of which is Text, in this option you can write your own text, align it however you wish, choose a shade of colour, from white to black and choose your font, again more fonts are available with coins.

The next option is a quote, and this option is our favourite, the app has a number of amazing quotes fitting a number of themes, including: selfies, dedications, love, life, wisdom etc. Once you have selected the quote you can then tap on it to change the font and such as you would your own text. Check out our own experimentation with the option below!

Doodles is the next option, and again you can choose a theme such as love, good morning, good night, arrows and word bubbles. Draw is another option, with this you can draw over your image as you wish. Finally you can add your location, this again has a number of different options with more available with coins. This option is a good touch if you've been out and about for the day and want to let everyone know where you are.

Check the app out on the app store and let us know how your experimentations go!


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