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Whats all this about IOS9??

It’s that time of year again when the countdown begins for the newest iPhone release and with it the new software update, ISO9. For those of us who aren’t quite ready to empty our bank accounts when September comes, the IOS 9 update is something to get extremely excited about, and I’m going to take you through some of the new features this September will bring.


First an update to your built in apps, such as your messaging, mail, notes, and with this there will be a new built in app, news. News uses topics you are most interested in and creates a custom news page tailored to suit you. You can sift through all their topics and add what you’re interested to your favourites meaning you don’t have to spend ages looking through a load of articles in the hope of finding one that takes your fancy. The notes app will now be handier than ever, not just for jotting down thoughts but also to make quick to do lists, add pictures and draw into your notes page, you will ablso be able to save urls maps etc straight  to your notes from which ever app you’re in and share them across all your apple devices.

Maps is already one of the most useful built in apps, helping when you’re lost, and being a mini sat nav, however with the coming IOS 9 update Maps will now show your all public transport lines and routes, and also will show your what shops, café’s etc. are around you, making Maps the go to place when you’re out and about. Along with all these awesome updates on the apps we already know we will also be seeing new apps such as apple pay and carplay (exciting!!)

It’s not just our iPhones that get the benefits of the IOS 9 update, iPads will have some cool new features too. These include slide over, where you can open a second app without leaving the one you’re in, then slide the second away to go back to the app you were using before. If that excites you, the owners of the iPad air 2 will be able to take this even further with slit view, allowing two apps to be open at the same time!!

And it doesn’t stop at that! All those face-timers out there will know the annoyance of having to pause your video whilst you go and check your Facebook, or been sat watching a paused screen whilst the person you’re chatting with does, that will no longer be a problem, as when you leave face-time now (or watching a video) your video screen   scales down to a smaller size in the corner (YAYYY)

It comes as no surprise that apple has been working on siri, every apple device owners best friend, she is now more intelligent than ever, and understanding you a whole lot better. Siri will now have a wider range of answers, and suggesting what you may want to do next from analysing your mobile phone activities throughout each day. Along with many more awesome features.


Along with all these features we will notice immediately, apple have also lengthened battery life, improved security and made your devices faster and more responsive. Though not extremely visible we will all benefit incredibly from these little things.

Now, if you are reading this as an android user, and now your cannot wait to make the jump from android to IOS, apple have also thought of you, with a little thing called android migration, making it possible for you to transfer all your android contacts, message history, photos etc to your ISO device, and also suggests for you to download any free apps that you had on your android, making the transfer to IOS easier than ever, I sat for an entire day manually putting everything that I had on my android onto my iPhone!!

This is just a quick summary of what is to come with IOS9 and I cannot wait to be able to try it all out in September, can you?

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