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New Phones by Samsung

This week we are raring to tell you about two new Samsung releases, the first being the S6edge+, coming to the UK ‘Soon’ and the other being the Note 5, it’s UK release date has not yet been revealed. Despite the vague information about the release dates, there are still 2, what look to be, great new products coming to us soon, and with them some awesome new phone cases!!

So let’s start with the S6edge+. On the face of it, it looks like a beautiful phone, with duel-edge display, it will be perfect for watching films and will make your phone gaming experience that little bit better. You will also be able to easily access your top 5 contacts, without having to search through your contacts or recently called list. OnCicle should also make communicating with your friends and family super easy too! Making calling, messaging, sending emoticons and poking all in one place.

Another new great feature for all you youtubers out there, you can stream videos straight from your camera using the camera’s Live Broadcast function, cool right? The camera also has Video Digital Imaging Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilisation, what does that means to all us normal folk? Super clear and steady footage (Yayyy)

One amazing perks of this phone is that it charges, fast, wirelessly from 0-100% in 2 hours, and just 90 minutes with a cord charger. So when you only have your get ready time to charge your phone before going out, that should be just enough time to fill you right back up again before a night out!!

So now for the Note 5, so we know this is probably not going to be coming to the UK this year, however we have hope for next year, and for those of you who just can’t wait you will be able to get it shipped over from America from its release date over there on the 21st of August. This new phablet has a 5.7inch quad HD display, a metal and glass build (unlike the plastic and faux leather note’s past) and the s-pen note taking and navigation is that much easier, especially for those of us with not so little fingers.  However one thing that has raised concerns for many Samsung lovers is that there is no microSD card slot and the battery is not replaceable, but hopefully the positives will outweigh those two little negatives. What is also a great new feature on this phone is the use of Samsung Pay, however this is another feature that we aren’t sure we’re getting over here in the UK yet however this coming available in the US on September 28th.


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