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Game of Thrones stars accessorised by Zing Cases

Queen of Game of Thrones, or should I say Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, replaced her beloved  Drogon with crutches for her interview at Kiss FM, London , at the end of last week, following the GoT season five finale earlier in the week. Despite her crutches Emilia was still wearing heals with her elegant but quirky Dolce & Gobbana  dress. The dress was a pale blue and embroidered with childlike drawings, and accessorised with a pair of sunglasses and Emilia’s magical smile, an outfit perfect for summer.

Coloured Pull Tab Pouch Sleeve Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 5S

However we couldn’t help but think just one thing that we could add to Emilia’s summer look, our red and white coloured pull tab pouch sleeve case cover would have picked out the red from the writing on the dress and the white from the clouds, yet still being a simple design that won’t clash with the uniqueness of the dress.

With the premiere of her new film, Terminator Genysis, this week in Singapore, her outfit is inevitably going to be stunning. However as a Game of Thrones fan, it is unusual to see Daenerys of House Targaryen first of her name etc. etc. etc. without her icy blonde locks, but instead her more natural, brunette curls.

We thought it unfair to mention Emilia Clarke in this post without paying tribute to the gorgeous Kit Harrington, but it seemed more fitting, due to recent plot changes in the series, to look at his character, Jon Snow.

A man of the nights watch Jon wears nothing but black. So we feel, if technology were to ever get transported into Westeros, and crow messaging was to be replaced with the newest iPhone Jon would be the first to order our carbon fibre texture design decal skin wrap.

Carbon Fibre Texture Design Decal Skin Wrap Vinyl for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

A simple design that just gives your phones that little bit of edge, and with those beautifully conditioned curls of his, and the statement piece that is Longclaw, we know Jon likes to stand out, even if he is restricted to the colour black.

Having just appeared in the Film Spooks, and other hit films in his past, such as Pompeii we hope to see much more of Kit, especially now his future role in Game of Thrones in uncertain (sorry I couldn’t keep my heartbreak in for much longer) as I am sure I am not the only woman, or even man in the world is so not ready to live a life where Kits (Jons Snows) beautiful face is not seen on a regular basis.

And of course I couldn’t write about Kit without finishing on:


                                                                You Know Nothing Jon Snow. ..

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