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Windows 10 Meets Facial Recognition

So we all know of Yahoo allowing users to log in without the use of a password. But could Windows now be the first operating system to allow users to sign into their device without passwords, but with eye and facial recognition instead? 

Microsoft announced Windows Hello on Tuesday. The brand new biometric security system which allows you to sign into your Windows 10 devices (PC's, Laptops and Phones) using your eyes, fingerprints and/or face, given that your devices have the correct hardware. Smile! 


"We want your devices to recognize you, to understand what you’re saying… we want the experience to go wherever you do and we want you to feel a great sense of TRUST as you go," - written by Microsoft Operating Systems Group VP Joe Belfiore in a blog post announcing the new security feature.


Windows 10 announced the biometrics feature will not be stored on the Microsoft server or in cloud but only on the local server. They have called Windows Hello the "enterprise-grade" security and that it cannot be tricked into unlocking through a #selfie or photograph. It will stay working with existing Microsoft accounts and for businesses, it continues to work with Azure active directory.

Like all new software updates, Windows Hello will require specialised hardware however it's still unclear how many current systems will be able to upgrade to Windows Hello (if and when) people decide to upgrade to Windows 10 later this year when it is released. The current fingerprint-enabled systems should work however it is rumoured that standard issued webcams may not leaving a lot to be desired over how compatible it really will be with devices. However, Microsoft also announced that all systems featuring Intel's brand new RealSense 3D Camera will work with Window's Hello facial recognition and iris scanning features.

As these systems are just hitting the market now, we can be sure to see a rise of new technology spinning out towards the Windows 10 release. 


We give you Windows Hello, the Windows 10 software update allowing you to sign in by smiling. 

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