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The $114,995 iWatch. Wait, What?


Yep. You read it right. $114,995 has got to be the record for the most expensive watch, (sorry), iWatch around to be released soon. 

How? Why? What on Earth? How is it possible? The answer, Brikk.

The brand new, sparkly, glamorous diamond-studded Lux Watch Omni was premiered by Brikk this week of an 18-carat gold customised version of the Apple's new iWatch. Offered in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, Brikk are also selling a rose gold and platinum version of the smartwatch market newbie. As if it could get any better?!

For those who are thinking "I want it, it looks so sparkly and pretty and runway ready but I could not possibly afford it without winning the lottery", don't worry. Brikk have been budget friendly in the revamp and have offered a slightly more purse-friendly version (still as glitzy of course) for the price tag of $49,995 which is layered in yellow or rose gold or platinum and features a diamond studded crown, watch face and band.

So although all of the internals of the Apple iWatch are the same, everybody is wondering "where on Earth is this customisation going to go?" Well Brikk enlightened the public in announcing it's modifications of using a stainless steel case and revamping the bracelet link band. It's become a hit of a fashion accessory for those who like shiny, wearable gadgets.

The customisation turns the $1,000 watch into one of the most expensive watches around on the market - without it even being a Rolex.
But even pre-ordering has it's downside. Charging $10,000 for the Lux Watch Omni, delivery is expected 4-6 weeks AFTER the Apple watch hits the stores. 

So what's the verdict? Yellow gold, Rose gold or Platinum? - We think Platinum! 

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