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Are You a Phonestar? Number 4: Kim Kardashian #PhoneStar


  • We take a look at mum Kimmy K with her brand new locks.
  • Every week we take a look at that at a celebrity’s outfit and see how we can accessorise their phones.

  • Once done we can officially call them a #phonestar

  • This will give you tips next time you are out and about with a phone in your hand.

  • Find and tag us on Instagram @zingcases



The glamorous wife of Kanye West and full time yummy mummy Kim Kardashian has taken everybody by surprise with the reveal of her new look.

 1) Analyse

The now blonde bombshell has recently been sweeping the streets of Paris is this beautiful black get up with both Kanye and North West following closely behind. Not only is it flattering, but this smart yet casual, little velvet number with gilet is the perfect look to set for all of Kim’s followers. The simplicity of this dress is easily complimented by its added texture and is easy on the eye. It may not be a specially designed outfit but it is still eye catching and will dominate the glam streets of Paris.


2) Assess

However when examining this outfit we couldn’t help but notice her lack of accessories. So we decided it was time to get our team together and dress her up.


3) Phonestar to go!

Yes, if you were to add a necklace or bracelet etc to this it would appear to busy and would turn into a total disaster. However, nobody has mentioned her phone. What is stopping her from blinging up her outfit with a beautiful, sparkling glitter skin wrap decal in silver? It may be a subtle addition but it will really pack a punch. It’s only £4.99 and will be another platinum change for Kim. 


So there you have it, simple and easy way to accessorise your phone with your outfit. You are a #phonestar. You can now find us on Instagram @ZingCases or add us on Snapchat @ZingCases.



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