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Are you a Phonestar? Number 3: Solange & Jenner #Phonestar


  • We take a look at Solange Knowles and Kendall Jenner ready in time for the Paris Fashion Week
  • Every week we take a look at that at a celebrity’s outfit and see how we can accessorise their phones.

  • Once done we can officially call them a #phonestar

  • This will give you tips next time you are out and about with a phone in your hand.

  • Find and tag us on Instagram @zingcases


So it's Paris Fashion Week #PFW and our stars are looking more glamorous and runway-ready than ever with Solange rocking every shade of read and Jenner in figure flattering crops and splits. But they missed one thing. The phone case.

It's always hard to accessorise but our team of experts have given it a good shot! 


1) Analyse

The ladies rocked it and they rocked it well. Supermodel Kendall Jenner kept in with aMarch feeling of pretty in peach pastels and a glitzy crop top which she teamed well with white plimsolls. Glamorous yet productive. 

Solange kept it bold with her all red ensemble. This was a change from her outfit yesterday featuring the new season trend of white on white. Stripes against plain with a faux fur coat and lace up heels, she brought sexy back with a devilish twist.


2) Assess

So for both of the ladies we racked the store and thought of something oh so simple for them, but it's enough to complete the look and make them look even more fantabulous than they already do. 


3) Phonestar To Go!


So for the bold and beautiful Solange we chose our Carbon Fibre Red Striped Skin to match her high neck. Here for only £3.99, it's an absolute bargain without having to worry about breaking your nails trying to get it off in the process. It's light, bright and everything you need in your sight. 


For the stunner of a supermodel herself, we paired the Lychee Magnetic Leather Flip Wallet Case. Plain Jane enough to blend in, but cool enough to share the SS15 trend and March flows. Coming in at a quality price of £4.99, where on Earth could you go wrong?



So there you have it, simple and easy way to accessorise your phone with your outfit. You are a #phonestar. You can now find us on Instagram @ZingCases.


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