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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

So we've all been waiting for the brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S6 to release, and now that it has, we're all very unsure. Every social media and commentable platform has allowed millions of people around the world to say how similar it is to Apple's iPhone 6. So have Samsung basically just re-made the iPhone 6 and labelled it the Galaxy S6? Let's take a quick flick at the features.



When it comes down to power, everyone is always debating between what phone to get as the more storage we have on our phones and the longer the battery life with bigger data plans, the more we just want to watch movies and stream and download. Well Samsung have catered for just that. They opted for their own 64-bit Exynos 7420 processor. Sounds beastly and dynamic right? Well paired with 3GB of RAM, it would sound impressive, it's built to take everything that comes in it's way. 

Apple however is still in competition with it's own 64-bit 1.39GHz dual-core A8 processor with 1GB of RAM. Tough call ey. Althought Samsung's new processor puts them ahead on paper, we know how much care goes into building an iPhone. But we do have to award the point to Samsung, well played. 

Galaxy S6 [1] - iPhone 6 [0]



So we've done some research on Twitter too asking people what they thought of the design. The overall outcome - they copied the iPhone 6. With aluminium edges and a glass back and the headphone jack, the thickness and the overall layout the same, all we can say that is different is the camera positioning. But could we see Samsung back away from their previous campaign against Apple of "bow down to the greatest." After all, the iPhone 6 with aluminium edges is known to bend, so have Samsung made the complete wrong move?

We have to credit both phones on the overall appearance. Smooth curved edges and a sleek finish with the use of the aluminium, they both are certainly stunners.

Although they have kept some traditional elements of the Galaxy S5, in terms of who did it first and originality, we have to award this point to Apple.

Galaxy S6 [1] - iPhone 6 [1]


Operating System:

 So here comes one of the trickiest decisions ever which is what all people come down to debating over. Android vs iOS. Now we all love Android and it's updates including KitKat. But iOS however does always seem to storm the market with people waiting purely for the brand new update to come out so they can be the first ones to talk about it. It is a tricky one.

Although the S6 has revamped it's overall interface and tidied up the more so-so apps making it a huge reward, iOS continually always seems to win. And with Samsung's latest software update causing users to factory reset their phone after as it made their phones crash, how on Earth are existing Samsung Galaxy S users meant to upgrade due to technical errors? 

We find it hard to point score this one, so we may just have to award one each.

Galaxy S6 [2] - iPhone 6 [2]



We have to lay it down here that Samsung have well and truly beat Apple here. With a whopping 5.1" screen and 577ppi 1440 x 2560 Super AMOLED screen, it is being known as the phone with the best mobile phone displays around at the moment. (Unless the Sony Xperia Z4 due to release in April upgrades to beat it yet again).

Apple's iPhone 6 however seems like a baby in comparison with a 4.7" screen and a 750 x 1334 display and a 326 pixel per inch screen res, it's safe to say the S6 took this by rage. It's more colourful, higher resolution, a brighter display and a larger screen. 

Galaxy S6 [3] - iPhone 6 [2]



Selfies. Nature. More selfies. More nature. Food snaps. More food and the occasional animal. We all love to share our beloved photos - but we all want a drop dead gorgeous camera resolution to match that. Samsung have promoted their photo taking capabilities like there's no tomorrow with a new 16MP camera, optical image stabilisation and a 0.7 second start up time (to make taking random selfies so much faster), they have really outdone themselves.

With the iPhone 6 rolling at a capable 8MP snapper, it may seem like a downgrade but there's been a huge push on iPhone 6 photography lately and the internal optics have been upgraded to show some incredible shots in various conditions. It's a fighter! 

Both cameras are perfect for those Instagram happy users, so we cannot fault! Points to all! 

Galaxy S6 [4] - iPhone 6 [3]



With all beautiful phones and newer smartphones comes the search for the longest lasting battery. So far only the Sony Xperia Z3 has owned the market with a 1 and a half day battery life, nobody else has come close! 

Samsung have gone for a 2550mAh battery which is a downgrade of the S5 2800mAh one - huh? However battery size aside, power use and efficiency are important too and we have to wait and fully judge once the phone is out on the market. 

The iPhone 6 however sails in with a 1810mAh battery which is adequate but compared to all the other smartphones on the market, it's very concerning. Even with a richer screen on the Galaxy S6 and more newer, shinier features that demand to be played with, the S6 would still outrun the iPhone 6 (probably). 

Saying that, Galaxy S6 [5] - iPhone 6 [3]


Overall Features:

Samsung recently upgraded with a fingerprint scanners that requires a tap instead of a swipe, so logging in will be so much easier (especially in the rain when screens decide to go haywire). The overall design and display have taken a huge upgrade too and make the phone look like there is hope still for Samsung.

However the iPhone 6 can never lose credibility with a reliable Touch ID and overall smooth design and running performance with the additional backup of a brilliantly designed Mac OS X and the strength of iTunes - we have to say iPhone may still win! 

Galaxy S6 [5] - iPhone 6 [4]



Samsung have decided to take a step backwards and ditch the microSD slot for the Galaxy S6 (wait what?!) and iPhones have never had them. They're both now limited to their built in storage - keep those software back up discs handy as device media will now be limited to transfers through the USB cables and cloud backups! 

Both handsets however are available in various storage sizes where the Galaxy S6 is sold in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB varieties and the iPhone 6 is sold in 16GB, 64Gb and 128GB variations. Sorted. But the iPhone's downside? 16GB would never last long enough and the S6 swooped in to start at a more convenient 32GB.

So although iPhone may be slacking in a start up storage size, it does compete strongly with the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 [6] - iPhone 6 [5]



It's a tough call. By our points we could say the Galaxy S6 wins but iPhone will always continually put up a fight with brand new phone updates every year and iOS continually winning over the hearts of Apple users time and time again. Samsung brings power, speed, display whilst Apple brings raw definition, originality and excellence. We'll let you decide.


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