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Jack O'Connell Rising star.

We first saw Jack O’Connell when he appeared as James Cook in Skins Season 3 back in 2009, a character we all loved to hate. Since then Jack has been slowly making his way up in the acting world, appearing In Angelina Jolies’ ‘Unbroken’ the story of Olympian turned prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, a performance which is heart wrenching.


O’Connell won the 2015 Rising Star Bafta back in February, and we are very much looking forward to his upcoming film releases such as Tulip Fever this autumn, which also stars Christoph Waltz, Holiday Grainger, Judi Dench and another one of our favourites Cara Delevingne .  He is also staring in Money Monster alongside George Clooney and Julia Roberts another film we are dying to see.

But For now we are restricted to merely loving Jack O’Connell’s awesome fashion sense. O’Connell is bringing the MOD look to the forefront of British Fashion once again, a look that never gets old. We love his casual looks wearing a polo shirt, a pair of trousers and a bomber jacket, but we adore his suits!!

And as always we have the perfect phone case in store for Jack O’Connell, we think our carbon fibre design chrome hard back case would be the perfect match for O’Connell’s sophisticated MOD look, the black design is sure to match his flattering suits though the carbon fibre design gives the case that bit of edge that O’Connell would rock.

Carbon Fibre Design Chrome Hard Back Case Cover


We intend to follow Jack through all his new ventures and hope him all the luck in the world with his big releases, his story of a small town boy getting into trouble when he was young, to turning that all around and taking on Hollywood is Inspirational, and hopefully will motivate many people who are in a similar situation that he was in when he was young, that there can be a better future if you work hard for it.

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