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Are You A Phonestar? Number 5: Shailene Woodley

  • We take a look at Shailene Woodley in her gorgeous Ralphie.
  • Every week we take a look at that at a celebrity’s outfit and see how we can accessorise their phones.

  • Once done we can officially call them a #phonestar

  • This will give you tips next time you are out and about with a phone in your hand.

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    shailene woodley


    Shailene Woodley made a stunning and glamorous appearance on the red carpet. The upcoming star of 'The Fault in Our Stars' and 'Divergent', had a right to show herself off in this beautiful Ralph Lauren number, as she glided down the ruby red carpet in order to celebrate the release of her most recent film 'Insurgent'.


    Some would say this beautiful ivory, backless gown was a little risky for Miss Woodley; however we think it is perfection! The shape of the dress sculpts the shape of her body, whilst the fabric hugs her figure and falls in the red casecorrect places. The open back and rib like detail which dresses her shoulders and upper back is a successful and sophisticated feature.


    The front of the dress is elegant but simplistic; therefore we have decided to suggest an addition to her outfit which will subtly add colour as well add pattern and will provide protection for her mobile.


    We have been routing through our products and have come up with the gloss finish stylish purse card wallet case cover pouch in red for her I phone 6.This case will be a vibrant and sexy addition to Miss Woodley’s outfit. The gold plate detail on the front of the case creates a small but effective link between the case, her gold strap sandals and bangle which brings this outfit together. Not only is the outfit perfection but so is the price of the case as it sits at a premier price of only £14.99!

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