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Are You A Phonestar? #Phonestar NUMBER 2: MILA KUNIS

Accessorise your phone with your outfit and be a #phonestar!
Every week we will style a celebrity’s outfit to a phone accessory and make them into a #phonestar as part of our new series.



  • We take a look at Mila Kunis Jupiter Ascending premiere in LA

  • Every week we take a look at that at a celebrity’s outfit and see how we can accessorise their phones.

  • Once done we can officially call them a #phonestar

  • This will give you tips next time you are out and about with a phone in your hand.

  • Find and tag us on Instagram @zingcases


It’s been a very busy 12 months for actress Ms Mila Kunis. Not only has she completed new movies, she has become a mom to the beautiful Wyatt with her also famous husband Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk).

At the Premiere of her new film Jupiter Ascending, alongside co-star Channing Tatum (@channingtatum), she rocked a classy dress from the Dolce & Gabbana (@dolcegabbana) from their SS15 range.  A mid corset number which was a perfect way to show off her post pregnancy figure.


A black corset dress is always a tricky one to accessorise so our team of experts have given it a go and given you some phonestyle tips below to Mila and you.


1) Analyse

Mila was in a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana, fit and flare black corset - nothing can beat the 'little black dress' with lace heels and no phone. What? Yep it's because she had no case. 

2) Assess

So what can we pair for her? Well, we racked through the hundreds of potential products we have and came up with one that would suit her elegance for the night.

3) Phonestar To Go

We aimed for the Bling Sparkling Glitter Skin Wrap Decal for the iPhone 4s. Shimmery, light and sparkly enough for a red carpet event - this would have been our girl's life saver! (Well maybe not life saver but you get the jist of it). Made from high quality vinyl and laser cut to perfection so all cut outs and ports are fully accessible while in use and it covers the front back and sides so the whole iPhone has a new look.
With minimal bulk to the phone, it's so simple to apply and also removes without leaving and sticky residue. Raking in at a price of £4.99 - you cannot afford to be repeating Mila's mistake! (Maybe that was why Ashton didn't walk down the carpet with her!)


So there you have it, simple and easy way to accessorise your phone with your outfit. You are a #phonestar . You can now find us on Instagram @ZingCases.

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