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Top 10 Phones of 2014

Time for an upgrade but not sure which device? We give a brief summary on the top 10 phones this year:


Samsung Galaxy S5

This has a faster camera with real time HDR for a much better picture. The long life battery is a huge winner; it has amazing new features such as the built in fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor. It is designed so that a splash of water or being dropped in water will not harm the phone which is great for those with an active lifestyle. 


HTC One M8 

This is one of the best designs made this year with a metal design, sense UI and booming speakers. Videos and picture look amazing on the 1920 x 180 pixel display. It also has a great battery life. One for the techies! 


Apple iPhone 5S

This phone is excellent for speed. The graphics and performance are now double quick, and it has a dual flash with the improved camera. Now you can unlock your phone with a built in fingerprint sensor. The battery life is much higher than before.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This has a bright full HD screen and a fast snapdragon 800 processor. It has 11 hours more of battery life and the enhancers have made it easier to take notes. You can run 2 apps alongside of each other it is the best choice for phone and tablet combined.


Motorola Moto X

With this phone you can design your own online. It gives you advanced voice control and a 10mp camera. It has a fast performance and great value for money.


Nokia Lumia 1020

This one is ideal if you love taking photographs, it consists of a 41 megapixel sensor with six carl zeiss lenses. Probably the best of the window phones.


Google Nexus 5 

This is one the best phone for non contracts, it has a great price for a pay as you go. It has a fast snapdragon 800 processor, a sharp display and ability to gain apps from the play store. 


LG G2 

This is the best smart phone for battery life: 10 hours and 42 minutes. It is speedy on the multitasking tasks. The power and volume are are the back of the phone. One for those who will be out and about for a while and don’t want to have to stop to recharge! 


Sony Xperia Z1S

This is ultimately the best for a waterproof phone. You can take pictures whilst underwater. You can also take 61 imagines in 2 seconds, then scroll to see which you keep on your phone. This also allows you to have the playstation app pre loaded, so that you can control your PS4


LG G flex

This has 13 megapixels camera and a 2.26 GHz quad core possessor. The display screen is only 6 inches. Sleek stylish and with a great design, this is one of the phones you’re most likely to want to be seen with!


So there you go, our top 10 phone picks for this year. Which one would you rather have?

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