Mak Power 10000 mAh Portable Dual USB Power Bank Charger

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The Mak Power 10000 mAh is a high capacity portable charger which features 2 USB ports - works with any device even tablets.

Why Buy:

  • Massive 10000 mAh Capacity - (Enough to give an iPhone 6 Around 3 Full Charges)
  • 2 USB Ports (1x 2.1A Port for Full Speed Tablet Charging and another 1.0A for Full Speed Smartphone Charging)
  • Works with any device - simply connect the usb cable into the powerbank and connect it to your device
  • Comes with Micro USB Cable and Instructions
  • LED Indicator shows how much battery left.

Massive 10000 mAh Capacity - (Enough to give an iPhone 6 Around 3 Full Charges)

An impressive 10000 mAh Capacity allows virtually any device to be fully charged, tests the we carried out show that this can give an iPhone 6 around 3 Full Charges and an iPhone 5S around 5 Full Charges, this is great for long days out when access to a socket is nearly impossible - simply leave in your bag and let it charge whilst on the move.

Dual USB Ports give Full Speed Charging

Featuring 2x USB Ports allows both your tablet and mobile device to be charged at the same time.

The 2.1A USB Port is designed to give tablets full speed charging and the 1.0A USB port is designed to give Smartphones full speed charging.


Works with any Device!

This universal powerbank will power any device - simply connect the devices USB cable to the charger and let it do its magic! - This Powerbank comes with a Micro USB Cable which covers majority of devices on the market.

Charges via Micro USB

This device charges via Micro USB Cable (Included) to charge you can either plug it into your computer USB port or plug into a Plug with a USB Port (Such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Chargers).

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