Giving the less fortunate a chance to live, and prosper with dignity …

At we believe that we have a human responsibility to give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We hold a strong ethic of giving back to those who are most in need both locally and abroad.

As a result, to celebrate our own success, we help people in disadvantaged countries to empower themselves through income generation and self-sufficiency projects; giving them the opportunity to live and prosper with dignity.

Below are the projects we have donated towards so far:

Agricultural Tools

Providing farmers with the essential agricultural tool gives them a lifeline and way of providing for their families. has donated agricultural tools to farmers in the most needy of places.


Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines help empower women (especially widowed women) in poor countries. It gives them independence and a way of providing an income for their dependents. As a result, has taken the initiative to empower women by donating sewing machine in the most needy of areas


Honey Bee Farm

Bees are vital to our food chain. One third of the food we eat would not be available if it were not for bees. The harvest from honeybees of honey, pollen, wax and propolis has nutritional, craft, manufacturing, and medical applications. Moreover, a honeybee farm is an innovative way of providing a sustainable way of providing a living. Therefore has donated a honey bee farm to help the less fortunate develop a sustainable way of maintaining a living, and providing a means of support for their families.


Olive Trees

Harvesting of olive trees provides a source of income for farmers in Palestine. As a result has donated several olive trees to be planted from which Palestinian farmers can generate income and help provide for their families.


Milking Goats and Milking Cows

The milk of goats and cows can help provide a family with nourishment for themselves, moreover the milk from cows and goats is something that can be used to sell to others and generate an income. As a result has donated milking goats and a cow to the poverty stricken in the neediest of places.


Health and Emergency Relief

The on-going catastrophe in Syria needs no introduction. Families are in dire need of basic health and emergency supplies. As a result, has taken the initiative to help provide basic healthcare and Emergency relief for Syrian families to help them survive through these tragic times.



Eye tests/ Care

The gift of sight is priceless! has been able to provide 100 eye tests and essential eye care to children in Bangladesh, which in turn has helped maintain this most valuable gift.






We would like to thank Human Appeal for the photos provided and for also providing an avenue making this endeavour possible.


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